IELTS ACTUAL TEST 01/11/2018 – Đề thi chính thức và đáp án WRITING IELTS tại IDP ngày 01/11/2018



Task 1:

The chart shows the amount of leisure time enjoyed by men and women of different employment status.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.

  • You should write at least 150 words.
  • You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.


 Leisure time in a typical week in hour- by sex and employment status, 1998-99.



Depicted in the histogram is the quantity of free time of males and females of differing employment statuses in 1998-1999. It can be clearly inferred that men enjoyed more overall free time in every measurable category except the two they had no tallies in. Furthermore, those who were not working experienced approximately double the amount of leisure time as those employed in the workforce.

To begin, full time working males had well over 40 hours of free time per week while their female counterparts had well under 30. Meanwhile, women who were employed part time had 40 hours of leisure time per week whereas there was no data for their male counterparts.

Unemployed men had approximately 85 hours free per week  compared to around 78 for women. Lastly, those describing themselves as housewives had 50 hours of leisure time while there was no data for their male counterparts or a category of househusbands.




Task Achievement   


Coherence and Cohesion  7 Lexical Resource   8 Grammatical Range and Accuracy  8
  The response focuses on the requirements of the task. Most features are adequately covered with the exception of retired males and females. Although this may not be considered a key feature, its exclusion prevents a band 7.


Information and ideas are logically organized and there is a clear progression throughout the response. Occasional lapses do occur but these are minor. A range of cohesive devices are used.


A wide resource is used with some flexibility and precision to convey meaning. Skillful use of some less common lexical items is evident.


A wide range of structures are used flexibly and accurately. The majority of sentences are error free punctuation is well managed. Only occasional inappropriacies occur but do not reduce the communicative effect.



Task 2: Cycling is healthier and environmentally friendly form of transport. Nevertheless, cycling is getting less popular . What are the reasons of this trend? What can be done to make cycling more popular?

Riding bicycles has been popular for quite a long time but currently the trend seems to be declining. I will examine some of the of the reasons for this phenomenon as well as suggest some measures that could be taken to increase the popularity of cycling.

There are several reasons cycling is becoming less popular. To begin, cities are becoming more crowded and cycling can be dangerous in urban areas. For instance, cycling in Hanoi is quite dangerous due to narrow streets with no bicycle lanes and excessive amounts of traffic during most of the day. Additionally, cycling is not suitable for long distance traveling. Many people are on tight schedules and spending time cycling is far more time consuming than going by powered transport. To illustrate, it takes me one hour to cycle to school compared with twenty minutes by car or motorbike.

On the other hand, several measures could be undertaken to help reverse this quandary. Firstly, bike lanes need to be introduced as this would help make cycling safer and more efficient. This would enable people to commit to longer and more frequent commutes and thus increase the rate of cycling. Furthermore, education campaigns showcasing its health benefits and cost savings could significantly boost its popularity. For example, scholastic institutions could educate pupils on the benefits of cycling and how it provides exercise as well as economic and ecological advantages.

In conclusion, cycling is diminishing in popularity owing to cities becoming less bike friendly and current long distance commutes. Solutions to these conundrums included establishing more bicycle lanes and offering education campaigns to promote the merits of cycling. If these measures are enacted upon, it may well increase the popularity of cycling in many areas around the world.




Task Achievement   


Coherence and Cohesion  8 Lexical Resource   8 Grammatical Range and Accuracy  7
  All parts of the prompt are appropriately addressed. A clear well developed position is presented and supported. Ideas are relevant, well extended and supported.


The message can be followed with ease. Information and ideas are logically presented, and sequenced. Cohesion is well managed. Paragraphing is used appropriately.


A wide resource is flexibly and fluently used to convey precise meaning. There is skillful use of a variety of less common idiomatic terms despite occasional inaccuracies in word formation or choice.


A variety of complex structures are used with some flexibility and accuracy. A few errors in grammar persist but do not impede communication. Ex P2 (long distance traveling) better (long distance travel), P4 (conundrums included) better (conundrums include), (are enacted upon) better (are enacted).




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